The Adecco Group
Advertising. 2018 Political electoral campaign.
On the occasion of elections of the 4th March, The Adecco Group launched an innovative “civic communication” project using the their own blog Morning Future. The campaign, created by Libera BrandBuilding, aims at making the public aware of crucial issues regarding the development of work in Italy. Seven copy subjects were developed, the communication ran in digital, dailies, outdoor, maxi posters and the circuit of main train stations.
CEO for One Month
The goal was to develop the Adecco Group brand identity including the other companies such as Spring Professional, Badenoch & Clark, Lee Hecht Harrison, Modis and Euro Engineering that are part of the Adecco Group portfolio, each specialising in professional recruiting services helping professionals to get in contact with the right opportunity. The worldwide leader of the HR solutions will act as the reference point for key partners such as institutions, organizations and governments. The group, with skills on different targets, will generate business through all its companies. Libera Brand contribution will implement the new brand identity, it will communicate the launch of the new business strategy while helping the positioning of the Group companies.

Here follows the first project CEO for One Month a global contest by Adecco Way To Work that gives the opportunity to candidates to assist for one month The Adecco Group Italy AD to start their career and get their first work experience.

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