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One Ocean Foundation – Periplo d’Italia


On tour with the One Ocean Foundation


The tour we designed and organised had a specific purpose: to promote eco-friendly behaviour. We crossed Italy in twelve stages on board the CRIVIZZA: departing from Trieste on June 29th and ending in September, at the historic Genoa Yacht Club.

The tour highlighted the commitment undertaken by Charta Smeralda, the code of ethics signed by Princess Zahra Aga Kahn and Commodore Riccardo Bonadeo, which is to implement concrete actions to combat the pollution in marine ecosystems and to raise public awareness.

Mauro Pelaschier, the famous yachtsman served as the outstanding testimonial. Not only did he captain the craft, he also authored traveling storytelling: sharing his passion for the sea and for environmental protection at every stage.

The programme included two phases at each yacht club: the first was an institutional meeting between club members and local authorities. The second was an operational phase, involving cleaning beaches, removing debris from piers and the water, and ensuring a change to eco-sustainable flows in the clubs.