Naming and brand identity take flight


Newly-fledged, it’s already a high-flyer.


Zefhir, “Zephyr” in Greek mythology, was the god of the west wind and the name evokes something that is light and strong at the same time. An idea of assurance and speed. For a brand that’s ready to fly high.


Light as the breeze, robust and solid as its brand identity.


How to go about building Zefhir’s identity? We asked the sky. “Ask the sky” is in fact the marketing format that narrates the concept of the Curti helicopter. The very essence of storytelling in all its most essential features.

The video’s mission? To raise awareness.

True, it’s only a two-seater. But big enough to inspire the dreams of innumerable enthusiasts all over the world. The fascination video demonstrates the various qualities of Zefhir and triggers a desire to purchase in the target.