The story of a unique brand, with a double vocation.


Identity, character and positioning all wrapped up in a single claim.


What the SchlegelGiesse group produces at present is already clearly the result of an innovative approach: it is something created and designed for the future. This is the initial insight that led us to devise a new payoff. A claim capable of summing up in a brief concise statement the operational philosophy of this new brand, formed by the merger between the Schlegel and Giesse groups.


The new direction manifesto.


“All in one” is the concept on which we built this manifesto video: it is in fact the first time that there has been a single point of contact in the door and window hardware sector, also able to supply sealing systems and components. The video, initially designed for internal use, for company personnel, was later shown all over the world to present the new company to international stakeholders. At the end, the video shows the graphic design process we followed in devising the logo: a monogram in which the initials of the two groups of companies are joined together.